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Brothers Kenny and Michael Mittleider review and discuss a short lived but very socially aware TV series from the late 80's early 90's ALIEN NATION. Each podcast we will review a single episode in sequential order starting with the Pilot. Will give you our thoughts on the episode as well as some fun behind the scenes information.

Today we cover Season 1, Episode 9 - Three To Tango

Directed by Stan Lathan

Written by Andrew Schneider & Diane Frolov

Original air date November 13, 1989

Plot Summary: Since George and Susan have agreed to have another child, they ask precinct janitor Albert Einstein to serve as their "Binnaum". It turns out that it takes two Tencontonese males to impregnate a female: the first make, in this case George, provides the seed, while the Binnaum become the catalyst which allows the conception to occur. Sikes, naturally, has a variety of salacious reactions to the concept, but George chooses to ignore him.

It's soon becomes known that Albert was part of the Binnaum religious sect on the ship, but abandoned it to live as a regular Tenctonese. That order's leader looks upon his serving as catalyst while outside the order as sacrilege, and, as such, he sets about making sure that Albert does not perform this function, even if it means killing him, as this leader has done with the others of his kind before.

Sikes and Cathy move a bit closer to true union, as Sikes questions George about Newcomer erogenous zones and the things that arouse them.

Hope you enjoy it,

Kenny & Michael

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